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Grace McGrath

writing life

18 May
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I am a writer, living on the north west coast of Britain. Previously a mental health nurse, but this is the point in my life where people who know me have begun to think of me as writer first.
That's taken a good few years!

I was a semi-professional writer (articles and stories) for many years. My life is currently moving into another phase.
Sometimes I still teach creative writing, and have also taught psychology in universities, and watercolour technique on board cruise ships.

I am passionate about the items I've listed as interests - amd I'd be nowhere without my early morning walk by the sea, before breakfast, to clear my head, and swimming or aquarobics or aquazumba five times a week.

That's where I get inspiration, and meet really nice people who also like to be out in the fresh air, early in the day.

I have been a member of the Society of Authors for some years. I recommend membership to anyone who qualifies.

I believe in Everything (fairies, angels, supernatural creatures of the wild) - except people who tell me that they have the 'exclusive way to god, etc., etc.' This is not an insurance policy! - just a certainty that the universe is still unfolding around me, and that there is nothing more wonderful than nature, and the unknown.

I'm not always around; but if you add me as a friend, and let me know, I'll probably add you back in a short while.

love and blessed be